Biodiversity in the southern Eggegebirge

The Project Areas

The Eggemoors are located at the western hillside of the tree-covered Egge mountains. High amount of precipitation (up to 1.200mm per year) have facilitated the development of these moore habitats. In this project we regard mainly 2 FFH-habitats which characterize the project areas significantly: habitat type 7120 consists of raised bogs which hydrologic balance is affected strongly for example by intensive peat mining and habitat type 7140 consists of moors and quaking bogs on peat substrate which are fed by near-surface or accrued, nutrient-poor water.

The historical use of the moore areas can still be seen in the vegetation today. Some areas have been afforested with pine and spruce in order to generate at least little profit from these otherwise unproductive areas. Other spots have been drained to make the areas dryer and hence usable for agriculture and forestry. This resulted in disturbances of the natural water balance and a steady drying process. Planting and natural establishment of plants reinforced this process for groves transpire more water than small moore plants due to their large leave mass.

The project goal is to restore the natural state of the Eggemoors in order to reestablish the important functions of this special environment.