Biodiversity in the southern Eggegebirge

The Eggemoors

Welcome to the Life+ Project "Eggemoors"! - Meet this unique habitat and its denizens and follow the measures and changes in the project area!

Moors are special ecosystems which do not have a closed metabolic cycle. In natural, living moores the biodegradation of dead plant material is slower than the production of new plant material, therefore thick layers of organic substances accumulate as peat in the long run. 

The meaning of moors with regards to biodiversity and ecosystem services has been overlooked for a long time, even though moores save more climate-damaging carbon dioxide than the global forest biomass. In addition moors are essential environments for many endangered, specialized animal and plant species. 

The Biologische Station Kreis Paderborn – Senne, the Regionalforstamt Hochstift des Landesbetriebes Wald und Holz NRW und the Ministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Landwirtschaft, Natur- und Verbraucherschutz NRW have attracted funding from the European Nature Conservation Program LIFE+, in order to conduct improvement activities in two areas ot the NATURA 2000 network: in the FFH-area „Eselsbett und Schwarzes Bruch“ and the FFH-area „Sauerbachtal Bülheim“ (both city of Lichtenau, district Paderborn).