Biodiversity in the southern Eggegebirge


The preservation of biodiversity is a special concern of the European Union. In order to preserve the wild animals and their natural habitats the members of the European Union created a network of the ecologically most valuable sanctuaries. The „flora-fauna-habitat-areas“ (FFH-areas) and the EU-bird conservation areas are part of this network. It also includes the project area „Eggemoore“ which is therefore part of the European natural heritage.


What is LIFE+?

Life+ is the funding program of the European Union (EU) supporting environment and nature conservation projects financially. It is one of the most important means to support the European ecological policy. The letters signify the French word „L´instrument Financier pour l´Environnement“. 

The funding priority „Life Nature“ supports nature conservation projects which serve the preservation resp. restoration of natural habitats and of endangered wild plants and animals.

The project „Eggemoore“ is one of now 18 projects in NRW and is financed by the EU Life+ program at 50%.